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Optimal Auctions was founded to bring the latest research on auction design from the social sciences to non-profit fundraising. Our goal is to help non-profits raise more money using new auction technology to advance the important missions of the non-profits who use our products.

Optimal Auctions is the only tool that lets you run a bucket auction.


It’s simple: bidders pay a small amount to enter the bidding for a prize. 


When the auction starts, bidders place bids into a (virtual) bucket, one at a time. 

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They exit whenever they want by simply passing instead of bidding on their turn.


The bidding ends when only one person remains, and that person is the winner!

Optimal Auctions uses a bucket auction, which has been shown to raise more money than the kind of techniques used by non-profits, such as silent auctions.


Maximize Your Auction Revenue

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Optimal Auction provides auctioning software to non-profit organizations. We use the latest scientific research to bring auction technology that maximizes revenue for your organization.

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Shouldn’t your auction raise as much as possible to support your organization’s important mission?

Scientific research has shown that how much money an auction raises depends on how you run your auction. Non-profit organizations tend to choose how they run their auction in a simple way: they do whatever they did last year. You deserve better.

Fast Performance

Built using the latest secure, enterprise technologies and  Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Online Support

Support available by text and email with real-time response during your auctions.

Top Security

The site is secured using a Godaddy SSL Certificate providing end to end encryption.  

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Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

We have an array of pricing models to fit your organization’s needs and budget. Prices depend on the number of bidders. You can choose a flat rate or a portion of money raised by the auction.

About Us

Optimal Auctions was started by a social scientist with 25 years' experience as a researcher and scholar. In 2018, Robert Kurzban began volunteering with a number of non-profit organizations in Philadelphia. He observed that many organizations were using auctions to raise money and, by coincidence, he happened to have some experience with the science behind auction design. In particular, because of his background in behavioral economics, he knew that there were better ways to run an auction than what he was seeing. So, he started Optimal Auctions™ and developed the software to run auctions that raise more money for non-profits with the help of fellow academic experts.