Auction Organizer Instructions

As the Auction Organizer, you will be given administrative access to your organization’s Auction Event and it will be up to you to enter the information about your auction into the web app.

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 1.20.33 PM copy.png

First, you will create your Auction Event, indicating the name of the event, the address, date, start/end time, and a short description. Next, you will enter the information for the prizes for the event, including any pictures you wish to upload, a description of the prize, and the estimated retail value. This can all be done either from your phone or from your personal computer.

Once all the information is entered, users will be able to register for the event and, once the time that the event is set to start arrives, the bidding will automatically begin!

Bidder Instructions

This auction, called a “bucket auction,” is a little different from those you might be familiar with. Here’s how it works. First, for each prize, you decide if you want to participate in the auction. If you do, then you buy a “ticket” for that auction, which you can think of as your initial “bid.” (Tickets for most prizes cost $1 each. They cost more for more expensive items.) Once the auction starts, you and all the other bidders for each prize are given numbers, the order you will bid on that prize. (You can think of all bidders sitting in a circle, passing a bucket around in which to place bids.)

When it is your turn, a timer will begin, and if you wish to stay in the running, you add one ticket to the bucket by clicking the “BID” button in the app before the timer expires. If you do not, you simply click EXIT and the bucket moves to the next bidder. (You will also EXIT the auction if the timer expires before you decide to bid.) The bucket keeps going around the circle until there is only one bidder left. The winner is the last person who put a ticket in the bucket!

At the end of the night, we will tell you the value of the tickets you used and this is your pledge for the evening. Of course, we’ll also tell you which prizes you won!

3 bucket.png

You’ll need to purchase tickets before the auction starts, but you can buy more as you need them during the auction. Remember, tickets cost real money, so choose wisely! There are no refunds given if you have tickets remaining after the auction has closed. Your ticket purchases are donations to the charity hosting the event.